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The Curran name has oppupied the corner of 42nd and nicollet since 1948. That name, however, has lived on through centuries in another part of the world. The Curran Family name can be traced back to seventeenth century Ireland when it was the most popular name in Tipperary. By 1901, the Irish census had counted 142 Curran families in County Kerry alone.
The Minneapolis Curran's were part of that 142. Dennis Curran was born in County Kerry in 1861; he immigrated to the United States, landing in New York City. There, he met and married Honora Sullivan, an Irish nanny. They left New York and began a journey that led them to the copper mines of Michigan and eventually to Green Isle, Minnesota, where they homesteaded a farm in 1870.
Dennis and Honora had six children - one of whom was John Curran. The fifth of six children, John farmed with his family until his marriage to Katie Morrin. In time, John and Katie bought their own farm and raised six children of their own.
Their fourth child, Mike, decided that farming wasn't his vocation in life. Instead, he operated grocery stores and meat markets. During World War II, he managed the officer's club on Waikiki Beach. Upon his return in 1948, Mike and his father, John, built a 14' by 14' drive-in restaurant at 42nd and Nicollet. Curran's opened for business on May 17, 1948, and Mike operated it as a carhop drive-in until 1954. That year, he added a counter with nine stools inside the restaurant building. One year later, Curran's boasted the first electronic two-way car-to-kitchen ordering system in the Twin Cities. That state-of-the-art speaker system improved the service and efficiency.
Over the years, other additions at Curran's took the form of canopies in the parking lot, kitchen remodeling and updating. In addition to the fine teams of employees, Mike's wife, Betty and each of their children worked in every capacity, from dishwasher to carhop to cook.
Changes in the restaurant business prompted Mike to build an 84-seat dining room and coffee shop with expanded menu in 1974. Four years later, 30-year era ended when we discontinued the drive-in service and removed the speaker system. In 1977, Mike's son, Dennis M. Curran, joined him as a partner in the business. In 1981, Curran's added another 60-seat dining room and continued to expand its menu, remodel, and update. In 1985 the complete dining area was decorated and a small dining and meeting room was added. The most recent remodeling and decorating in the winter of 2001, brings us to the present.
Curran's has changed with the times while striving to maintain the quality of food and service that have accompanied Curran's name for more than five decades. That quality would not have been possible without the hard work and loyalty of many, many employees.
All of us at Curran's thank you for your patronage, friendship, and many years of support. For those of you new to this part of Minneapolis, welcome to Curran's. We would like to invite you to get to know us better and become part of our future.